And word became a book

I’ve received today a package from the printing house. I must admit that, even though I was expecting this package, it made a really big impression on me. Joyful experience that was accompanying the opening of the box and taking out my first book, it’s truly incomparable to anything else. It’s a little of bit similar to the joy of a little child who has just received first Christmas gift. Small book with smooth cover and black and white image. Nothing much but there is some kind of magic in it.

You write texts, you improve and modify them, and finally you give them in good hands to have them back ready to read. Incredible!

I have no idea how many people will read it, how many people will feel happy because of it, but for me it is less important than the fact that I fulfil my dreams and complete a project that started many months ago.

I hope that those who will read my stories will have a lot of pleasure.

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