End of the year, beginning of a new path.

My book “Mutations, or Evolution” is already in Polish bookstores. You can buy it via Internet. My closest family and friends received author’s copies and they are reading them eagerly. I already have first opinions and they are flattering – I’m really happy about it. I’m very curious of the opinions of readers who don’t know me, strangers who are more objective. I have to wait a little bit for such feedback.

I prepare second collection of typically fantastic stories. Each of them will be associated with a different field of science. There will be a story of ambitious mathematician and crazy gravity slayer. There will be a spooky story about the effects of uncontrolled genetic experiments and the impact of computer network on people. All this is already written down and is waiting for reviews and proofreading. There is a lot of work on a new book ahead of me, but I’m very motivated by the fact that there is a publisher that wants to publish them with my modest participation.

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