Titles of the stories

Just after the publication of the book “Mutations, or evolution”, I gave some copies to my family members and sent some of them to my closest friends. One of the first people that talked to me about them was my friend who suggested that the title “Raven” suggest the solution of the mystery included in the story. Reading the title of the story, you can figure out what I wanted to hide till its end. I wanted my stories to have a coherent feature not only in their content, but also in their titles. The stories are about animals and they are protagonists there. As a result, I put names of animals in the titles of the stories where they occur. After some time, however, I started to modify them. But it wasn’t the case with “Raven”. Now, after a few comments from other readers, I come to the conclusion that the titles shouldn’t suggest right away about which animal the story is. I’m sure that the raven could remain hidden until the end of the story. If somewhere in the future I have an opportunity to publish the next edition of “Mutations…”, I will definitely modify “Raven” title, for example I will change it for example for “Thief”. My readers like to be surprised so the title can’t give them the solution of the mystery right away.

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