Water sculptor

Beaver is for me the embodiment of cunningness and resourcefulness. It’s an incredible animal, which can swim and while diving they can stay under water up to 15 minutes. The average person, although bigger than beaver, wouldn’t be able to stay under water for so long. Of course, some people are able to stay long … Read more

First one of the first ones

The oldest of my stories on animals is undoubtedly “Fishing time”. I’m a fisherman, so the idea of this store appeared naturally. Observing more and more polluted over-fished inland waters, I’ve been wondering where lies the limit of human thoughtlessness. I just couldn’t find it. Environment degradation in water is as fast as on land. … Read more

No i zaczęło się blogowanie

Od początku tworzenia tej strony nie byłem przekonany czy powinienem prowadzić bloga, skoro to, co mam do powiedzenia, jest zawarte w moich opowiadaniach. Jednak obserwacja Internetu uświadomiła mi, że jest to popularna forma komunikacji z ludźmi, do których chcemy dotrzeć i dla których tworzymy. Można oczekiwać na informację zwrotną – feedback, na której mi zależy. … Read more

Introduction to the blog

Creating meant 10% of talent, 30% of work on the piece you create, 60% of work on yourself. Work is work, but what’s about the talent? I cannot define it, at least in my case. After omniscient Wikipedia: “Talent is the biggest unit of weight and money used in Assyria, Babylonia, ancient Greece and Palestine. … Read more