Cluttered world

From time to time, I read in newspapers and on the Internet about global problem of environment pollution. It manifests itself in the contamination of soil, water and air by waste and poisonous substances produced by man. While the number of people living on Earth is growing, so does the consumption, and as a result … Read more

Titles of the stories

Just after the publication of the book “Mutations, or evolution”, I gave some copies to my family members and sent some of them to my closest friends. One of the first people that talked to me about them was my friend who suggested that the title “Raven” suggest the solution of the mystery included in … Read more

How much should we pay en elephant for his job?

Observing animals working for people we don’t wonder whether they receive a decent remuneration. Obviously, I don’t think about remuneration in money or in gold. A dog guarding the house, hunting down thieves or guides a blind person doesn’t need such remuneration. I mean more remuneration in a form of healthy, tasty food, cosy place … Read more

End of the year, beginning of a new path.

My book “Mutations, or Evolution” is already in Polish bookstores. You can buy it via Internet. My closest family and friends received author’s copies and they are reading them eagerly. I already have first opinions and they are flattering – I’m really happy about it. I’m very curious of the opinions of readers who don’t … Read more

And word became a book

I’ve received today a package from the printing house. I must admit that, even though I was expecting this package, it made a really big impression on me. Joyful experience that was accompanying the opening of the box and taking out my first book, it’s truly incomparable to anything else. It’s a little of bit … Read more

Animal freaks

Watching funny videos about animals being uninvited guests in our homes, I thought about a story that some mountain guide had told me once (I don’t really remember where). It was the story of a bear that wasn’t afraid of tourists. When it was a cub, people were giving it fruit, biscuits and sandwiches. For … Read more

Crime story

W moich opowiadaniach fantastycznych przewijają się również wątki kryminalne. Dodają one smaku, stanowią urozmaicenie dla głównego nurtu, czyli fantastyki. Ale gdy napisałem już kilkanaście opowiadań i wątki kryminalne stały się momentami przeważające, uznałem, że przyszedł czas na sprawdzenie się również i w trym gatunku literackim. Powieść „Zemsta zza grobu” zacząłem pisać już kilka lat temu. … Read more