• Cluttered world

    From time to time, I read in newspapers and on the Internet about global problem of environment pollution. It manifests itself in the contamination of soil, water and air by waste and poisonous substances produced by man. While the number of people living on Earth is growing, so does the consumption, and as a result … Read more

  • Titles of the stories

    Just after the publication of the book “Mutations, or evolution”, I gave some copies to my family members and sent some of them to my closest friends. One of the first people that talked to me about them was my friend who suggested that the title “Raven” suggest the solution of the mystery included in … Read more

  • How much should we pay en elephant for his job?

    Observing animals working for people we don’t wonder whether they receive a decent remuneration. Obviously, I don’t think about remuneration in money or in gold. A dog guarding the house, hunting down thieves or guides a blind person doesn’t need such remuneration. I mean more remuneration in a form of healthy, tasty food, cosy place … Read more