How much should we pay en elephant for his job?

Observing animals working for people we don’t wonder whether they receive a decent remuneration. Obviously, I don’t think about remuneration in money or in gold. A dog guarding the house, hunting down thieves or guides a blind person doesn’t need such remuneration. I mean more remuneration in a form of healthy, tasty food, cosy place for rest and care of their health now and when they’re older, infirm. This concerns all other animals that serve us. Horses, oxen, elephants, camels and many more animal species – they work for us. Many of them live in extremely difficult conditions. Neglected and undernourished, they are for people a tool that can be thrown out of the margins of life when they weaken of fall ill. If you have pets in your house, show them more affection, take care of them. They deserve it because they are vulnerable towards people. The measure of humanity is our attitude towards those weaker ones, including animals whose lives depend on us.

In the story entitled ‘Recycling, I present the world of coexistence of people and animals, as well as level of communication between them higher than it is in reality. There is a hidden context of pandemic that had affected human civilization and pushed animals to a higher level of development. Although the story is funny in its content and surprises a reader to its end, it contains an undertone pessimistic for people. But don’t worry! It’s only imagination. It’s supposed to entertain, not to depress, and if it inspires you for a moment of reflection, it means that it did its job well.

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