Mutations i.e. ewolution

Has anyone wondered how our world would look if the animals were intelligent, and what more could they say? Is what we do with our environment as a human, is correct? The collection of short stories contained in the book is not a response to these questions. I just wanted to signal to the readers that we are responsible for our world and other creatures. For my own needs, I defined these stories as a trend of ecological fantasy. A bit for a joke with a little contrariness, I have presented several versions of my SF world, the world of intelligent animals.

But what will happend, if will necessary had to communicate with them …

Fragment of short storyRecycling:

The entrance door opened again and entered a slightly stooped employee from the warehouse. Benny turned away at the moment when the new guy took off  his straw hat. Bennny looked up at the guy, and with fear he drew his breath, then backed away two feet. The road was replaced by an office chair, so he steadily sat down on it and stared incredulously. There was a gorilla in the office, and what Benny had taken for a dark suit, it was just his fur in fact. Jack noticed his reaction and said:
‘Excuse me. I have not told you about all my co-workers yet. This is Bold, my warehouse.’

Bold looked from beneath his thick eyebrows at Benny with obvious curiosity. He made a few gestures with his hands using signs fonogesture language, and Jack replied:
‘Yes, this is our new employee Benny.’

He spelled the name with one hand.

‘Benny? Have you already cooled down?’
‘Maybe …’ – He stammered still shocked.
‘Say hello to Bold. He does not bite.’

He considered it as a good joke, because he grinned from ear to ear.