Revenge Beyond the Grave – teaser

A marital dispute ends up tragically for one of the spouses. Getting rid of the body may be tricky, but when it’s already done, the deceased comes into play. Can ghost use credit card? Are car thieves just soulless criminals? How much can you sacrifice to save human face?

You will find all these answers in a crime story, but don’t you even imagine that they will be in the first chapter.


Fragment of the novel:

[…] On the suggestion concerning the opportunity that there is a bomb, the smile on Kondradfriends’ faces instantly vanished. They knew that competition is really tough in the industry and a car with a bomb inside could be an attempt of eliminating them from the illegal market. They started examining it closely. Fatty brought his computer and plugged it into computer socket in the car. After a while he reported:

‘No one was messing with electronics. Everything is all right.’

‘Underneath too’, said Jaro, rising up from his knees. ‘It looks clear.’

‘I can’t open the trunk’, said Teddy standing behind the car.

‘Ok. We will bring it inside without starting the engine, on neutral gear’, ordered Konrad. ‘We will try to open the trunk inside.’

Without any further discussion, they brought the car to the garage, on the only spot available. Fatty sat behind the wheel and looked at the dashboard. Then he took the key out and walked around the car from behind.

‘These models had this trunk lock that didn’t work very well sometime. In such case you had to set the lock in the trunk lid right, turn the key in the ignition switch as if you were starting engine and then the lid opened. I’ll try it right away.’

He did as he said, sat behind the wheel and turned the key in the ignition. The lock in the back of the car clang and the trunk lid opened itself.

‘Holly shit!’ he heard an s-word escaping from Teddy mouth.

‘What is it? What have you found?” Fatty asked through open door. ‘Bag full of money?’

‘Come here and see it by yourself.’

Fatman got out of the car. He saw the faces of his friends; they were surprised and slightly scared. He looked into the trunk.

“Holly cow!” he said whispering and fell silent. Inside, there was a body of a young woman wrapped in foil. Only the head wasn’t covered. On the torso, there was visible a dark red stain of clotted blood.