First one of the first ones

The oldest of my stories on animals is undoubtedly “Fishing time”. I’m a fisherman, so the idea of this store appeared naturally. Observing more and more polluted over-fished inland waters, I’ve been wondering where lies the limit of human thoughtlessness. I just couldn’t find it. Environment degradation in water is as fast as on land. Maybe even faster.

At the end of 20th century, I was with my family in Kaszuby (north-western Poland).  We rented a place near several lakes. For two weeks, I wasn’t able to catch not even one fish. Local fishermen told me that couple of years earlier a private company had rented the lakes. They had caught and most of fish.  They hadn’t bother stocking the lakes, to which they were obliged in the agreement, they had been interested only in stocking their wallets. When they had ended their business, they had left their nets in the lake, the locals had taken them out after couple of days. Inside, there were dead, already partially rotten fish. These environment executioners hadn’t even bothered to bring their last catch on the shore.

In my story, although in a little bit humorous way, I wanted to draw the attention to the serious problem of water pollution and overexploitation of waters.

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