Animal freaks

Watching funny videos about animals being uninvited guests in our homes, I thought about a story that some mountain guide had told me once (I don’t really remember where). It was the story of a bear that wasn’t afraid of tourists. When it was a cub, people were giving it fruit, biscuits and sandwiches. For … Read more

Water sculptor

Beaver is for me the embodiment of cunningness and resourcefulness. It’s an incredible animal, which can swim and while diving they can stay under water up to 15 minutes. The average person, although bigger than beaver, wouldn’t be able to stay under water for so long. Of course, some people are able to stay long … Read more

First one of the first ones

The oldest of my stories on animals is undoubtedly “Fishing time”. I’m a fisherman, so the idea of this store appeared naturally. Observing more and more polluted over-fished inland waters, I’ve been wondering where lies the limit of human thoughtlessness. I just couldn’t find it. Environment degradation in water is as fast as on land. … Read more